Stage: iPad Sales Tool

Mobile Marketing, Monitoring and Measuring

Enterprise Grade Sales & Marketing App for Outside Sales

Built for the iPad, this tool is fully customizable, and enables your corporation to create an actionable and emotional sales experience.
It’s a smart, innovative way to get behind your sales team and in front of your clients and customers… wherever you are.

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Helps Sellers Sell

Stage gives every sales person on your team attractive and comprehensive knowledge of every product available at their fingertips. Sales people have the ability to up-sell and cross-sell on all associated products.

Customers have short attention spans. Stage gives sellers and resellers the ability to display attractive and meaningful product data “on-the-go.”

Stage for Industrial Markets

Helps Marketers Market

Stage allows your marketing department to provide sales with the most up-to-date data on every product available, customized views for niche markets, as well as linking associated products for a more complete marketing experience.

Additionally, marketing can create and monitor metrics on marketing-created collateral by targeted demographic, industry, or customer.

Stage: Upsell Related Products

Helps Sales Managers Manage

Extending your CRM platform, Stage allows sales managers to collect metrics, and thus insight, into every sales encounter, so that performance can be monitored, measured, and improved.

Stage: Measure Sales Activity

Built in the Cloud

Built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, Stage is secure, scalable and flexible. Integrate Stage with or Dynamics CRM.

Manage your resellers and publish custom alerts and catalogs for 1000s of users – it’s ready!

Stage: Enterprise Grade Cloud Built

About Stage

Stage is an enterprise mobile sales solution that helps mid and large size organizations to increase sales revenue, channel growth and sales team effectiveness.




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