Date: April 3, 2014

Author: jbrowncoil

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Sellers Need More Than CRM

No offense to the great CRM vendors of the world, but who benefits from CRM? CRM is great for sales managers and business leaders, it allows them to measure a seller’s activity. But does CRM help a seller sell?

Done right, CRM is a great tool for helping a seller log activity so they can refer back to it for future guidance with prospects. Sellers can use CRM solutions to help them track activity with clients and ration how often to engage prospects. But most sellers feel like they only log CRM data to keep the boss off their back? Sales managers love CRM as it gives them insights into activity levels but activity is not the same as selling. And despite all the monthly costs and fees to implement, CRM rarely is used in a way that measures what happens during a sales call. Rarely does it facilitate the art of selling.

Sales managers want tools that not only measure activity but also give insights into what happens during a call. Sales managers want to coach their teams to be more effective and drive sales results vs. wasting time driving underperformers out. Sales managers want sales and better sellers not a revolving door of new sellers.

With the advent and adoption of mobile it is now possible for sales team to get tools that help sellers sell and allow sales management insights to better coach and develop their sellers.

What do you think, is your sales team being measured or given tools to drive measurable results?

We can help, we are building the solution that will drive better sales execution. Let’s lead and sell together.

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